Photography by Hundredfold

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We're Jorge & Diana, Colombian Architects by profession and food designers by passion, specialists in sweet moments. We want to indulge you with magic experiences. Our expertise comes from traditional recipes created by our family who has been running Bakeries and Cafes for more than 20 years in Colombia. We were taught to make our job with love, we love making people happy through the experience of receiving freshly baked products at their door. What makes us unique is that we bake products from scratch on a daily basis, we use fresh local ingredients which mixed with magic achieve the exact traditional Colombian aroma and taste.

What does MILLOHA stand for? 

Milloha comes from “Milhoja” which means “one thousand sheets” in the Baking-Spanish language. This name was given to a traditional dessert which inspires us to create thousand and one delights. Different cultures speaking different languages have tried our products and they just love them!. We want our name to be inclusively pronounceable. It sounds beautifully amazing when you say “Milloha”