Our facilities now are located in Midway Point, 7171. TAS. The cost of our deliveries is estimated within 15km around.


- From $10

minimum order $30

1. When I'll get my order?

Your order will be delivered after 12.00pm on a date that you will select at the end your checkout (check available dates here).  We endeavour to deliver your order as quick as possible. In case you need a specific time for delivery, we strongly recommend to choose pick up option:


Midway Point, 7171. From 11 am

Please give notice one hour in advance before collection.

2. What does happen when I don't collect my order on time?

You can pick up your order within the next 24 hours of confirmation. After 24 hours, a new order needs to be placed.

3. Can you bake dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free products?
Get in touch and tell us your dietary requirements, we will bake the most suitable options for you without adding these allergens. Please note that these options are prepared in the same facility and ovens as our regular products and may contain traces of it. Contact us on the phone numbers given at the bottom of this section for further information.

4. Could you please slice the cake for me?

Slicing the cake yourself is such an amazing experience! There's nothing more exciting than the sound of the freshly baked pastry about to be served.  Also, a pre-sliced cake might suffer during its delivery, and it's important that you receive a high-quality product in good condition. Cakes are not sold pre-sliced. 

5. If this section does not answer your questions please contact us on

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